Specialized techniques

Using both modern and traditional methods, we aim for the best result for every case.

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, a manual resistance technique that works by simulating fundamental patterns of movement, such as swimming, throwing, running, or climbing.
Methods used in PNF oppose motion inmultiple planes concurrently. Initially used for stroke victims and children with cerebral palsy, it is now commonly usedto treat a broad range of orthopedic conditions

Functional Tone Management
It is a new revolutionary therapeutic approach for people suffering from hemiplegia.
The goal of the program is to restore the functionality of the upper limb.

If you have any movement on the shoulder and the elbow of your affected side but have difficulty opening your fingers then the Saeboflex may be suitable for you.

It is a recognized self-medication method by which the patient, after having been properly trained by the therapist, can with a number of repetitive exercises, deal with a number of problems in the lumbar, cervical and joints.

Muscle pain relief points. It is a method which, with specialized pressures and stretching, stops the vicious circle of spasm – pain – spasm.

Passive mobilization techniques, for joints and soft tissue. Therapeutic approaches where the specialized therapist uses its hands, identifies and recognizes the cause in the affected areas of the body and with mild manipulations restores the problem. Heals the cause and not only the symptom.

Bryan Mulligan’s method employs joint mobilization and prolonged normal sliding of the osteoarthritic joints.
The therapist applies passive mobilization techniques and the patient concurrently performs active physiological movements.
The application of the techniques is done without pain and causes immediate and continuous improvement of mobility and functionality and reduction of symptoms.
Ο θεραπευτής εφαρμόζει παθητικές τεχνικές κινητοποίησης και ο ασθενής ταυτόχρονα εκτελεί ενεργητικές φυσιολογικές κινήσεις.
Η εφαρμογή των τεχνικών γίνεται χωρίς πόνο και προκαλεί άμεση και διαρκή βελτίωση της κινητικότητας και της λειτουργικότητας και μείωση των συμπτωμάτων.

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