OrthoAgility® - The Most Popular, Painless, Continuous Passive Motion Unit

The CPM line of products OrthoAgility® is manufactured 100% in the United States from QAL Medical.  QAL Medical has the advantage of a long experience in building CPM equipment, continuing the Otto Bock product line, which originated from Dr.Robert Salter the inventor and creator of CPMs that are applied in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

The 480E CPM is designed for continuous passive motion of the knee and hip. It combines a lightweight and stable frame that is at the same very user friendly.

Espesialy after surgery at the knee or hip is very efficient and completely painless. A successful method of gradually regain your full range of motion and recover.


  • Range of motion from -5 to 120 degrees
  • Speed from 16 to 160 degrees/min
  • Weight 11 kg
  • Warm-up mode
  • Digital control unit with push-button and LCD display for enhanced user experience
  • Pause mode
  • Adjusted to different limb lenghts up to 104cm
  • NMES compatible
  • Transport handle
  • Reverse-on-load mode in case of resistance when moving when detecting i.e. muscle spasms
  • Optional pediatric accessory