Occiflex It is a robotic treatment system, which aims to repair neck problems.

  • Restriction of range of motion, headaches, migraines, cervical origin. 
  • Dizziness which results from the disruption of the natural structure of the neck after an injury such as whip lash.  


Occiflex is the first therapeutic rehabilitation device that uses advanced robotic technology to relieve chronic headaches and neck pain. 


The treatment is targeted, accurate, intact and effective. 


Clinical studies have shown that physical or manual therapy, and particular mobilization of the upper cervical spine, can reduce chronic neck and headache pain. 


Nevertheless, manual therapy, is time consuming and difficult to maintain for an extended period. 

Occiflex offers us the solution. It is a robotic treatment system that relieves chronic neck pain, headaches and dizziness. 

It mobilizes the desired level of the cervical spine, painlessly, pleasantly and relaxingly, with great precision slowly, steadily for as long as required. 

Based on the clinical evaluation, a treatment plan will be determined, where they will become very slow and you said passive movement only in the area that needs mobilization. In this way the complete relaxation of the neck and head will be achieved. 


Thus we achieve a very gentle and comfortable treatment that leads us to reduce pain in just a few sessions. 



Mobilization as a treatment method for neck and head pain is known worldwide. The effectiveness of mobilization is the subject of scientific research and the results are very encouraging. 

Traditional mobilization, however, for the most part maximizes the range of motion in a few repetitions. 

Recent research has shown that medium and extended mobilization at a very low speed is more effective. The underlying condition improvement mechanism appears to be related to sensitization, rather than a mechanical effect. 

With Occiflex it is possible to achieve a continuous mobilization. Occiflex can complement a therapist’s preliminary assessment and the patient’s movement skills can simulate the patient’s actual movements with six degrees of freedom. 

Therefore Occiflex can perform this simulated movement for a longer period of time with safety and accuracy. 

The experience of treatment with Occiflex. 


A complete Occiflex treatment experience that will lead to pain relief includes the following procedures: 

1) patients medical history 

During the assessment the therapist will interview and examine the patient as is usually done but in addition to these activities he can also perform movement analysis with Occiflex. 

The patient is placed in a supine position. 

The Occiflex is equipped with a head movement sensor that allows a very accurate but completely free position measurement. 

The therapist can evaluate axial motion such as flexion rotation and lateral flexion can also determine trajectory movements for mobilization. 


2) Treatment 

The treatment consists of placing the patient in the machine and selecting the treatment protocol. Repetitive movements are performed, varying in speed and range of motion. At the start of treatment, the patient is gently mobilized for an extended period of time. 

As mobilization speeds are usually slow (0.1 to 2.5 degrees per second), the repetitive phase is extremely relaxing. The patient can appreciate the treatment, not only for its therapeutic effect but also momentarily as it is very comfortable. Thanks to the accuracy of the simulation, the sensitization effect is the maximum. 

The results will be displayed in zero time. Pain, stiffness and functional disability are reduced in just a few treatment sessions. 

Occiflex offers a comfortable and effective treatment for: 

  • reduction of neck pain, 
  • headaches, 
  • including cervical instability due to mechanical injury (whip trial), 
  • functional disability 
  • Improved composition and muscle function.

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