ATR Med Radio Frequency Treatment


HOW IT WORKS ATR Med exploits the interaction between radio frequency and living tissue in innovative way. The mechanism of living cells is stimulated allowing a powerful increase of natural process of self reparation of tissue and an intense and immediate action of anti inflammation.

ATR Med method stimulates the tissue from internal part starting from the deepest layer, resolving the pain and their causes, reducing the treatment time and accelerating the functional recovering of tissue.

A NEW LINE WITH SEL ADJUSTED TREATMENT ATR Med is equipped with an exclusive and patented system of self adjusted treatment that allows to energize the tissue in absolute and selective way. Biofeedback in real time for efficiency of energy transfer and the respond from the tissue during the treatment allow to accomplish contemporary the diagnostic phase and adjusted treatment phase.

The results are immediately and stabile.


Biological system of human being can be compared with an intricate of highway where all the muscle, cells and nerve systems mechanism are animated by an electric motor. When the electric activity is reduced or modified, the performance of our body is reduced and the living system starts to have a bad functionality, lowering their efficiency and in other severe cases, it can bring to death. Characteristic of oscillating wave form at high frequency (RF) with specific range of wave length spread out in the organism in a positive way up to the deepest layer (bones, muscles, internal organ). ATR Med use specific frequency between 215 KHz to 645 KHz, allows a perfection and immediate interaction with all types of tissue, allowing a rapid recovering of our body performance.


To improve the analgesic effect and anti inflammation, it is useful to interact with the nerve endings, the nerves receptor of pain with very specific frequencies (215 KHz – 300 KHz in ATR Med). At this frequency the source of pain symptom is very fast.


Drainage action is obtained, thanks to the endogenous heat, developed by RF, can be powerful not only through a specific manual way and the capacitive energy term but also adapting the frequency to the support muscle action (430 KHz in ATR Med). BIO STIMULATION The term of bio-stimulation, that is understood as fundamental phase for the trauma recovery, must be accompanied by frequencies that can be acted whether on the superficial tissue (645 KHz in the ATR Med), medium depth (430 KHz in ATR Med), also very deep layer (215 KHz in ATR Med).


ATR Med uses an exclusive patent TSEM for the adapted transfer energy. This technology allows to eliminate the energy waste and dispersions providing maximum effectiveness of therapeutic treatment, guaranteeing a maximum security to the patient and the operator. The impedance is a channel through the transferred energy in the cell of tissue. If the impedance of a single tissue does not coincide with those of the device, it will produce undesired dispersions. The tissue impedance vary from one point to another depends from various factors whether electrics or the physiology. ATR Med modifies, afterwards, the tissue impedance, allowing an adequate energy transfer that eliminate the dispersions and optimizing the efficiency of energy transfer.

Prof. Antonio La Gatta University of Ferrara.


ATR Med is equipped with a self adjusted system of energy administration to the tissue during the treatment and through a motorized potentiometer that monitor the energy power based on the tissue impedance variation, of the preselected parameters in the beginning of treatment and of the equipped capacitive and resistive method. With automatic control system of emitted energy, it follows an objective therapy, always correct and respond to the treated tissue reaction avoiding overload energy or loosing energy.


Some pathologies that are more frequent to be resolved with ATR Med are PHYSIOTHERAPY | REHABILITATION | SPORT MEDICINE: arthropathy from auto immune diseases, capsulitis, cervical, cervicobrachialgia, coxalgia, coxarthrosis, cysts backer, articular defi ciency, sprains, epicondylitis, epitrochlea, plantar fasciitis, knee arthritis, acute traumatic injuries, low back pain, lumbar sciatica, meta tarsalgia, myalgia, periarthritis, abductor diseases, rachialgia, rehabilitation after surgery (limb prosthesis interventions), Tunnel Carpale syndrome, rotator cuff syndrome, tendonitis. AESTHETIC MEDICINE DERMATOLOGY PHLEBOLOGY PAIN THERAPY VETERINARY MEDICINE