3D DOC Decompression system

3Dtreatment. It effectively relieves bulging disk, intervertebral discs, Nerve Compression/Sciatica, degenerative disc disease.

This revolutionary machine has the technological superiority through its digital center, controlling and targeting the particular disk that has the problem. It immediately decompresses the area and alleviates pain. It facilitates the transport of nutrients, thus promoting the regenerative regeneration of the intervertebral disc.

Κέντρο Φυσικοθεραπείας Περαίας - DOC Αποσυμπιέση
Κέντρο Φυσικοθεραπείας Περαίας - results


Take decompression therapy to another level. Get to know the capabilities that DOC can offer you and make it a unique system world-wide.

The way it is designed and operated attains the 3-dimensional mobilization of the spine in the position chosen by the therapist and the application of force exactly at the point and the way it should.

Why is the DOC system so special?

• 3-dimensional spinal mobilization with: lumbar flexion, lateral flexion and axonal rotation
• Treatment in supine and prone position
• Application of the force by moving the parts of the bank itself allowing fast and highly accurate corrections for the optimal application of treatment
• Dynamic adjustment of lateral bending and axial corner angles by the therapist during treatment
• Special belt system for optimal patient stabilization

How Is Spinal Decompression Different From Traction?

Regular traction stretches your spine and muscles simultaneously. But if you only stretch the spine, your body naturally “braces” for the next stretch, limiting the effectiveness of the treatment. The “overall stretching” commonly used in traction can also trigger painful muscle spasms.

Decompression therapy is different from conventional spinal traction because it alternates between stretching and relaxation.

The relaxation stages trick your body into staying relaxed and therefore maximizes the load and the effectiveness of the treatment. Decompression tables should also allow your doctor or therapist to target your treatment area in three different dimensions. This allows practitioners to target their treatment by isolating specific spinal discs, compared to traction, which often just “stretches” the entire spine.1 Your health care provider should also be able to completely customize your decompression treatment by changing the amount of stretch (load); the number of stretch/relax stages; the time it takes to reach each peak stretch/relax stage; and many other settings. These options allow them to personalize the session for your age, weight and condition and to adjust your treatments as they track your results.

Pre-programmed Lumbar and Cervical Decompression Protocols
Customizable Treatment Protocols
Traction Belting System, which can enhance restraint for optimal decompression. This helps the body lessen internal disc pressure, which helps reduce spinal problems.

Built-in Safety Features
User-defined Treatment Hold and Relax Times
Real-time Digital Treatment Tracking
Table Elevation

Proof of results of 3D decompression system in out clinic